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    Mark Weston
    Mark Weston

      My Arc mouse suddenly stopped working one day. When trying to reconnect in the add Bluetooth device facility, the following message keeps coming up “Driver is unavailable”. I have gone onto the Microsoft website and downloaded the drivers but to no avail.

      I am not particularly technical but can follow simple steps if anyone has experienced similar problems or knows a fix 🙂


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      Tim Rolston

        Hmm. Try going into device manager (under Human Interface Devices) and see if you can identify the mouse. Once you do, uninstall it.

        After a reboot, you should be able to re-point and repair it.

        If not, it might be some corruption in the driver store (it happens). In that case, try the steps in this article….

        Weird Issues with Surface? Try these fixes…

        It was originally for Windows 8.1 but the basic steps are the same.

        It will take a while but, should handle the issue for you.

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