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    Erich Friend
    Erich Friend

      I have noticed that whenever I plug-in headphones or outboard speakers to the headphone jack that I have to manually reconfigure the sound driver to output the sound to the jack. Of course, one must reverse this when you unplug the headset. This is atypical operation (most electronics auto-switch / override the default internal speakers). Is there a tweak or third part app that will fix this oversight? I run my Surface Pro 3 in the desktop mode as a laptop computer 99.99999% of the time, I don’t use the metro / tiles mode ever. Currently running Win 8.1, but will update to Win 10 ‘soon’.

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      Tim Rolston

        There’s been a long standing issue with the Surface taking a bit to figure out headphones are plugged in.

        It *should* auto-switch after a few seconds. If it’s not, try setting the default audio device to your headphones and it (again) should figure out the headphones are missing when they’re not plugged in and switch back to speakers.

        Microsoft’s standard answer is to rebuild your Surface but, you might be better off trying Win 10 before going that far.

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        William Campbell
        William Campbell

          Hi there! If it is not auto switching after a few seconds, then you may try doing default settings to your headphone. I have not faced such an issue, but if you are still facing the problems with headphone and speaker then try consulting the technical support team. You can also read more on internet for finding the solution.

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