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    Lina Ann
    Lina Ann


      Don’t know if anyone have similar experience. I have a SP3 from 2014 end. I use it normally, don’t pay specific attention to maintenance(now really regret). I usually always put surface connected to the cable, and during the day, use it under battery mode for 1-2 hours.

      Starting from 2016, I noticed the battery capacity started to have a noticeable drop. Things got really bad when the replacement cable line came (people remember the recall…), basically my SP3 is immediately dead if not connected to a cable, yet once connected, it only take several minute for it to reach 100% charge.

      Reinstalling drivers, resetting were not helping, and change a cable line wasn’t help either. At that point, the capacity of the battery already dropped to 144 mWh, thus if you open any video, SP3 black out.

      Had no choice, I just paied $478 and will get a replacement.

      MS so far is unable to tell me what happened. I’m also really confused what killed my battery, directly drain it out and make it unable to charge.

      Curious anybody has any theories, any suggestions, or just any share upon similar experience.


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      Ken Weltzheimer
      Ken Weltzheimer

        You are out of luck. I have the same problem 15 minutes of battery life on a full charge.

        Warranty expired on 3/6/2016 Capacity charge/design was 41,327 / 42157
        As of 7/5/2016 capacity charge/design is 5510 / 42157.

        For the battery to degrade that quickly is an obviously defective part.

        Microsoft was ZERO help to me. The solution is to send in my surface and $450.00 for a refurbish unit with a 90 day warranty.

        I will probably add some cash the the $450.00 Microsoft wanted and buy a different product.

        So very disappointed with Microsoft on the support. I cannot at this point recommend a Surface product to any of my clients.

        Not a good result.

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        Simon Papworth
        Simon Papworth

          Hi, I am trying to get everyone with this problem to post on this thread

          so that we can get enough people with the problem to force Microsoft ti reimburse the cost of an out of warranty replacement.

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          James Downing
          James Downing

            Most distressing this is. My capacity had started to ramp down in June and has lost about 40% since. I did add my “Me Too” over at the Microsoft site.

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