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    Larry W
    Larry W

      I just recently joined the surface family with a SP3. It has been everything I expected, a tablet power house, but a little short on battery life. However, you cannot run a muscle car hard and expect economy mileage, so I expected that.

      That said I am trying to find ways to extend battery life when possible. For example, keeping the keyboard off when not in use helps some. I recently found the Firefox will occasionally draw a lot of resources (CPU and memory) and when I closed it in the apps section of task manager, it was still under processes using up the resources. The batter had gone from 100% to 66% with only about 45 minutes of use and some bag time.

      I am monitoring for now, if it happens again, Firefox will disappear.

      Does anyone know of other apps that seem to prematurely drain the battery?

      Thanks in advance.

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      Tim Rolston

        Hi Larry,

        Some other suggestions/ideas for you….

        Turn off Search Indexing (Windows Search) as it runs in the background almost constantly. Same with services you’re not actively using like Print Spooler (though you might need to turn it back on if you need to print something).

        Set your top power button to turn off your Surface as opposed to sleep. It will take a few extra seconds to turn on/off but, can really stretch your battery life since you dont have to worry about accidental turn on’s or processes that wake your Surface on a schedule/trigger.

        Also, if you’re on Windows 10, take a long look at the privacy settings. It looks like Windows 10 “chatters” a lot so even if you’re not worried about privacy concerns, getting it to not send little updates back to Microsoft will extend the battery life.

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        Larry W
        Larry W

          Thanks Tim. I have been using hibernate instead of sleep.

          I turned off all live tiles, which reminded me of a similar problem years ago with active desktop. Even if on power it takes some bandwidth and slows things down.

          I also keep security tight, or try too. I will look into the search indexing.

          Thanks again

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          Terry Dare
          Terry Dare

            I was surprised the other day to find that Edge was constantly sitting on about 40% cpu usage. It was due to one of these annoying pages that has various Ads and videos auto playing. It did make me think ‘Which browser is lightest on CPU and therefore better on the battery?’

            I also put Bluestacks on the Surface so I could play Clash of Clans occasionally. This must be the most inefficient combination of Apps on the planet because it absolutely hammers the CPU and battery. Even though its a simple 2D game the fan runs like you’re trying to run Battlefield 4 on ultra settings.

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