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    Zach Yates

      Hello all,
      So I have spent a large amount of time troubleshooting this issue, and after achieving no success I’m resorting to forums.

      I have a Surface Pro 4 and am trying to connect directly to an external monitor. The two monitors I have tested are a Sony Playstation (CECH-ZED1U) and a Gateway (FHD2400) All my drivers are up to date. Cable connection is good. Monitors work great. I first tried a 6′ mini displayport to hdmi cable connection, with no avail. I then purchased a mini displayport to hdmi active 60Hz adapter to force a connection, but still no luck. My SP4 will recognize the monitor, but the resolution drop down panel is unavailable, and it won’t let me go in to the display adapter properties. Whenever I try to extend or duplicate the display my SP4 screen goes black and I either have to restart it, press Escape, or it reverts back on it’s own. I’m not using the Surface Dock. It’s a $120 greater investment than an adapter and a usb hub, and I only need one monitor atm.

      Not sure what else I can try? Let me know if anyone has any solutions! I will be greatly appreciative.


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