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    Jason Almeida
    Jason Almeida

      I just picked up the base model on sale at best buy this weekend (already thinking of giving it back and getting either the i5/256/dGPU or the i7/256/dGPU model, but those prices are causing me hesitation, I got this one for just under $1,300 after taxes with Best Buy’s sale and a college student “$100 off any Surface Pro/Book” coupon, plus 1yr of MS Office for free, and that still stings even though it was an awesome deal)

      Anyway, I immediately noticed that the colors on the display don’t seem accurate? Specifically, I went to test video editing and plugged in my external HD with all my GoPro footage on it. I loaded a clip and my normally blue hat and snowboard bindings have a very green tint to them now. It is so noticeable that I loaded it up on my old laptop (a 4, maybe 5yr old mid-level Gateway) to see and that plays totally regular color. I loaded the exact same image on both machines and put them side by side and snapped a picture because it’s super obvious the colors are different. I tried to upload the pic here, but it crashed safari (I’m typing on my iPhone) and I had to Reggie this, but I can do it from my computer later on.

      It almost looks like there’s a “warm tone” setting on or something. It has a yellowish tint. I googled that, but got some OTHER yellow tint issue as the results. Mine doesn’t have that yellow streak/blotch/line that tons of others complain about (but now I’m nervous it’s gonna happen to mine! Only been using it a few hours so far). It just looks like someone used the “warm” slider from Instagram and turned it to max, that’s the best way I can describe it. I didn’t even notice it until I saw the video of myself and my riding gear, it’s not like all the colors are wonky or something, they’re just not the right tone. It’s hrs to describe but if I can upload the picture it explains itself.

      Is there a way to change the display settings like “warmer/cooler/neutral”?

      If not, is my display defective? Seems totally fine and normal otherwise, just wrong color tones, especially when compared side by side with another display.

      If this is “normal”, why would the display be calibrated to not be true to real colors? My gear definitely has a green hue to it, when it’s normally a blue.

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      Kris Fraser
      kris fraser

        If you cannot get it fix into its color settings, then it is for sure a hardware problem,, and that this maybe the possible reason why they put this one on sale, and they thought the one who buys it will not notice, but they are wrong. Almost similar to a printing machine that I bought at their branch, after one time use it fails to print, returned it back and they have me waited for a month and I ask for replacement what they did is just repair, and they said what I availed has no warranty covered. Since then, my business printing needs were done at, than for a device that you thought will be better but wasn’t.

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