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    Tony Sheppard
    Tony Sheppard

      I’m new to Windows 10, I’m using it on a Surface Pro 4. I’m confused re. file storage and synching between one Drive and my pc. I think I understand the concept of One Drive, in that it allows users to access files from any pc and also makes them available on “This PC”.

      However, I wish to use One Drive as an alternative means of storage, to avoid taking up space on my hard drive. I default to save to One Drive but my files get synched to pc, thus storing them in cloud but duplicating – and taking up space on my hard drive.

      If I try to delate a file from either location (nb One Drive or pc, it will automatically delete from the other location too.

      So then, I would like to be able to choose whether to store a file to One Drive only, My PC only, or both (much the same as with Dropbox). I would hope it’s somehow possible to do that, otherwise One Drive seems of limited value except as a backup too; I acknowledge the importance of backup of course, but I wish to have the option to use One Drive as, effectively, an additional cloud-located hard drive to save storage space on my local pc.

      Any help and advice would be greatly appreciated.

      Thanks, Tony

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      Joanna Moderator
      Joanna Moderator

        Hi Tony,
        Unfortunately MS kind of broke that functionality with Win 10. But there is a way around it. Check out this video for instructions:

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        Tony Sheppard
        Tony Sheppard

          Hi Joanna,
          Many thanks for your prompt reply and great advice. I’ve checked out the link which seems a good workaround. Shame MS have gone the route they apparently have with One Drive though…unless I’m missing something of course!!

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