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    Dan Tindall
    Dan Tindall

      I have some very basic laptop users. We set them up to connect Outlook to Exchange (2007 for now) when in the office (domain), and they use VPN to connect on the road. I’d like to move these folks to Surface.
      Since we can now connect to Exchange through any phone or tablet without VPN (using OWA), I am trying to find a simple way to get Outlook to use the vpn connection when it’s available, but to connect like a phone through the same client (or, if this can’t be done, a second client) when it is not. Is this possible?

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      Joanna Moderator
      Joanna Moderator

        OK, so it sounds like you’d like Outlook client to auto-detect its environment?
        Although, I can see why this would be useful, I’m not sure that it is possible. Outlook Anywhere uses a different protocol than regular RPC. So, I don’t know that it could be configured for both. That said, why not just configure RPC over http and use Outlook Anywhere for everything?

        When the VPN connection is active (assuming it’s configured to send all traffic over the secure pipe) even the RPC over HTTP traffic would go through it then bounce through your proxy server on the way to your Exchange server.

        If the VPN is not connected, it will simply send the traffic through the proxy server.

        That’s how we were setting Exchange/Outlook up the University of Michigan years ago and it is still working fine for Exchange users.

        Here’s a page from MS that might help:

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          Dan Tindall
          Dan Tindall

            Thanks. I’ll give it a try.

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