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    Janet Cooper
    Janet Cooper

      I use a number of email accounts, all web-based so they are accessible on multiple devices. I don’t actually want to sync them. What I do want to accomplish is to click on names linked to email addresses via various websites and be able to see the person’s email address. This usually happened by auto-populating an outgoing email message. With my new device and Windows 10 Pro, all I get is an error message saying that my email isn’t synced. Is there a way to return this functionality without syncing my accounts? And if the answer is no, can I sync a web-based account and have my inbox remain web-based without having the messages deliver to my Surface desktop? I really appreciate help with this one!

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      Tim Rolston

        Unfortunately, the built-in Mail app will only do sync. It won’t open them as web mail. Same goes for Outlook.

        On Android and iOS, I know there are apps to do just this but, I don’t know if a good one for Windows.

        Your only real option is to access those accounts via a browser if you don’t want them synced.

        You could make separate desktop icons for each account to make it a bit easier but, that’s about it.

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