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    Phil B
    Phil B

      I purchased an SP4 to use as a class and a lab notebook. It works great but I am always hesitant to handle it and place it on the tables in our lab due to biohazards we work with. Thus, I have been trying to find an easy on off case I can slide my SP4 into while using it in the lab. The case does not have to be super protective and preferably would be cheap. Ideally, it will just act as a barrier so I can handle the device and place it on benchtops without it being in contact with all the nasty things in our lab. Any recommendations??


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      Joanna Moderator
      Joanna Moderator

        Hmmmm…, that’s a tough one. I feel you pain because I used to work in a Biology department with wet benches in the labs, and experienced similar problems. I don’t know if there is anything specifically made for this purpose, but I would perhaps try one of these:
        Lightweight Smart-shell Stand
        Otherwise, your other options are something like the Urban Armor Gear but they are not cheap and I’m not sure if I’d call them easily removable.
        Good luck!

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