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    Mike Rhoades

      I bought a used surface pro 2 this weekend. It has windows 10 on it and it appeared to be in working order. When I plugged it into network and setup Internet access it downloaded a bunch of updates. One of the updates being a firmware version dated 02/24/2016. It failed to install the update and kept getting hung up during the firmware install. I ended up wiping the files and resetting twice and all updates installed.
      However, when I looked at the install history the firmware failed to install. I researched the internet and found the following solution at:
      By Mauro Huculak December 12, 2013

      1 Open Command Prompt (as administrator) and run the following command: NET STOP WUAUSERV

      2 Delete the datastore.edb file stored in the following path: C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution\DataStore\datastore.edb

      3 Open the Run command and type cleanmgr and the click on Clean up system files. Make sure that windows software updates are selected and perform disk cleanup. This will take a few minutes.

      4 Restart Windows

      5 Run Windows Update, all history will be gone but it will detect the firmware update again and this time it will install successfully.

      I followed the instructions, but, when I checked Device Manager after a re-boot I found the “Surface Pro System Aggregator Firmware” with a yellow exclamation mark (failed to load).

      I deleted the driver from device manager and after two reboots the firmware updated and the error cleared.

      Hopefully this helps other with a similar issue.

      – Mike

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