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    Joanna Moderator
    Joanna Moderator

      1. the rear camera will not take pics via the Camera app.
      2. there is a constant and persistent flicker on my SP4.

      I have been on with MS for hours now, since sometime mid-morning today and working with their techs. I even have one of the Surface Pro 4 original designers on my team 🙂

      They acknowledge the flicker as a known problem but they seem to have no clue on the camera problem.

      We are about to embark on my second reset of this new device, wish me luck. I hope to get done sometime today……

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      Crystal Weiss
      Crystal Weiss

        I just encountered my first problem a little bit ago where walked away for an hour and the SP4 wouldn’t wake up or turn on.

        I tried the power button, holding the power button, unplugging and re plugging….

        Then as I was googling on my phone for if its a known issue it just decided to finally turn on for me…

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        Tim Rolston

          Glad it turned on. Joanna is still on the line with Microsoft Support. They keep bringing in more people to look at the issue but, so far, no fixes.

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