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    Doris Lee
    Doris Lee

      Dear all,

      Im new to Surface, need help here!

      My surface 3 is up and running fine, but since I download the Google Drive on my Surface, every other time once I open my Chrome browser ( my default web browser as I use google stuff a lot like gmail,keep,drive.. ). There comes a window pop up divert me to download ” googledrivesync ” This PC !!

      Don’t know why, and even if I did downloaded it the first time it pop up, it keeps coming up everytime I open my Chrome browser ” googledrivesync(1) … googledrivesync(2) …..

      What should I do?
      Many Thanks!

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      Tim Rolston

        Sounds like something got “stuck” during the google sync installation.

        I’d try uninstalling google drive/sync, clearing cookies in chrome, running crap cleaner. restarting and see if the problem persists. If not, reinstall google drive (if so inclined) and try again.

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