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    Dilip Nellikat

      Hi Group,

      I live in a small town called Alice Springs in NT, Australia with my wife and 2 daughters. The last one being our latest addition in June 2016 (only a month old … or young I must say!).

      I am hoping that my jump from an old HP laptop and a not so smart Nokia phone, into the Surface 3 LTE model will satisfy my hope of replacing my laptop and phone with the so called Hybrid. I usually go to meetings with a folio case filled with books, paperwork, my personal phone and a not so useful work phone. I’m hoping that the paperwork and the personal phone can now be replaced by the Surface 3 that I’ve ordered (but still waiting for a postal delivery to my address).

      I’ve got mixed responses from people about replacing my phone with the Surface 3. Many advised that I couldn’t use it to make voice calls. I figured if this has a SIM card & if I can make calls I could still use a blue tooth device to connect/ disconnect at will and use the hybrid as a laptop.

      If this isn’t possible please advice so I may cancel the order which is currently in limbo as Microsoft seemed to have slowed down the production and there are none in stock. If one of you experts can help, I’d greatly appreciate the advice/ suggestion. Thank you all.


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