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    Bill Cary
    Bill Cary

      My question might be more about what’s possible than a technical issue. Here’ goes: …

      I set up a Homegroup and using the traditional file explorer can can see/access the files I want to see from the tablet in question.

      But when I launch the modern Photo app on this same tablet, I can only see what is on the local Pictures library.

      My assumption was that Homegroups would foster a type of network sharing (for the modern apps) so that all the various connected tablets would be able to view ‘Pictures’ (via the Pictures library now shared via a Homegroup) easily but that is not working.

      Is this simply not possible due to modern app deficiencies or is there more to the Homegroup / file-sharing / etc. setup?

      Or if not possible, are there alternatives that accomplish the end result I want: My desired work flow would be each Surface table user would import photos (from their personal camera) via a port on their personal Surface and then those photos would go to a shared Pictures library (on the Homegroup or similar) and then likewise, any Photo app (or Photo-like app from the Store) user on their personal Surface would be able to view the entire Pictures library. In other words a one-to-one relationship between camera and tablet but a group/network aggregation of the digital assets/photos for later organization/view. Even better (than a Homegroup) would be a distributed Pictures library where each camera’s photos stayed on the local tablet but the viewer Photo app would see the aggregation of all those pictures. But I don’t think that is possible unless that is some feature of Libraries that I need to know about. BTW, I don’t plan to use OneDrive.


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      Joanna Moderator
      Joanna Moderator

        If I understand what you’re trying to do, I believe the problem is not with the Homegroup but rather with the Modern app. I assume you are using Win 8.1? In either case, Modern apps have very limited access to network resources, including Homegroups. I believe this has to do with the modern file explorer and what it allows the apps to see. It probably doesn’t let the Photo app to see beyond OneDrive and Local Drive. Have you thought about creating that work flow using OneDrive instead of sharing the pictures via a Homegroup? Homegroups can get infinitely complex and difficult to use, especially if you use a mixed-OS environment.

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