How to import Win10 sys backup info to win 8.1?

Home Windows 8.1 on Surface How to import Win10 sys backup info to win 8.1?

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    Steve Bramley
    Steve Bramley

      I had a whole bunch of (mis)adventures after installing win10, gritting my teeth and then eventually decided it blew too much to continue. in a very round about way, i’ve installed win8.1 only to discover zero info on the web about how to get at the system backup I did while i was still on win 10.

      Is this possible? or have I found yet another windows ‘feature’ from microshaft?

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      Tim Rolston

        What are you trying to get out of the backup? I’m assuming it’s a system image backup?

        If so, the “best” way to recover data from it is to install a virtual machine (like virtual box) and restore the backup to it. From there, you can pick out the file(s) you need.

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