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    Ike Park
    ike park

      hey guys any tips on IE being outdated for like everything now: can’t use google docs/drive. Dropbox. Slack. Trello. Asana. Nothing. Even quora I believe all says it’s outdated.

      I’ve tried options like compatibility view as well as developer options and changing the user thing to chrome and stuff and nothing.

      Please let me know.

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      Joanna Moderator
      Joanna Moderator

        Hi Ike,
        A couple of questions:
        Which Surface and OS are you using?
        Which version of IE?
        Metro or Desktop IE?
        I use IE desktop ver. 11.0.96xx.xxxx and I have no problem using any of the programs you listed.
        Do you have IE set to update itself to latest version?

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        Ike Park
        ike park

          Hey Joanna,

          I have the first surface RT and running 8.1

          i have version 11.0.9600.18053. and everywhere I go it says the internet explorer is outdated. Please let me know

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          Ike Park
          ike park

            I fixed it. I just did a internet explorer reset and everything seems to work. I think maybe the tracking protection list that I was using messed it up and was blocking something that websites thought it was an outdated internet explorer

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