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    Crystal Weiss
    Crystal Weiss

      Part of my morning routine at work is to check this site and I have been dismissing this for a bit as random but I have now noticed my Chrome will lock up and crash every first visit to this website.

      After I reboot and restore the session I have no issues.
      Not sure if this is just me but this is the only place I figured would be best to post about it.

      Not sure if its on my end or not figured I’d say something.

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      Tim Rolston

        Thanks for letting us know.

        We haven’t seen an issue with this and our monitoring system hasn’t either. Does it happen with other browsers? (IE, Edge)

        If so, it could be some corrupted cache data.

        Go to chrome://history/ in Chrome and it will take you to your browser history. From there, you can try clearing the browser data.

        If that doesn’t work, you could try reinstalling chrome, JIC.

        The downside is that you may need to retype some passwords on various sites and minor things like that because they’re cached now.

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