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    Nick Val
    nick val

      I’ve had my sp3 for about 6 months now and waited a full month after win 10 released to try it out and it wassn’t for me mainly because of surface incompatibility compared to 8. I never had any problems except for figuring out how to connect an external hdd(usb hub). I keep almost everything on my external so I felt I didn’t need to backup. So after the rollback I had to reinstall a few apps but no biggie. Then more problems started to occur as time went by; refusal of installing apps, pen connectivity, bluetooth problems, pairing problems and onboard keyboard failure in that order

      First I noticed that after reinstalling a few apps that when noticed that FRESH PAINT didn’t work I tried to reinstall but it absolutely refuses. I even deleted the app and rebooted and tried again to no avail. It gives the error code of 0x80073cf0

      Then i noticed that the pen would be a bit spotty. I figured it was only happening when i was using photoshop with plugins and lightroom opened so figured it was memory issues or just complicated programs. But soon i would have to hold down the top button for 7sec to reset several times a day. And then complete failure. Ok must be the battery. Bought a new battery and repaired it with some complication and it worked but also worked when i put the old battery in after reading on this website about just taking out the battery can reset the magnetic field. But now after a few days it’s just starting to fail again. The point is that its no longer reliable.

      Bluetooth speakers: i have a small one that I had been using and when i turn it on, my current music or video automatically diverts to the wireless speaker. And now whenever I use it or the aux out, i must open control panel and find sound and manually set the speaker to “default” which is ridiculous. And sometimes the set to default button is greyed out even with devices on and the “test” works where it chimes the speaker. Ive tried repairing and rebooting, and ran into another odd problem which also occurred with the pen. I had previously found a fix on this site that included removing the paired device and driver for the pen and rebooting to have the driver install automatically. But now it will say its unable to unpair. So when i hit the button, nothing happens yet when i pair the pen again, or bluetooth device, another slot will appear with its name and ask me to pair as if it were a new device.

      then one day my onboard keyboard stopped automatically opening when i clicked on a type field such as browser or search bar, and finally one day it altogether didnt work at all. sometimes i could hear the sound of my typing but nothing appearing and even trying to hit enter. I had to use my bluetooth keyboard, which thankfully worked

      I want to just blame win10 for this because i never had these problems before, yet i also download many torrents so i feel it could be a virus even though malware bytes says im clear. Is there a way i can reset everything? I feel that if i tried fixing one problem at a time it might be a wild goose chase.

      Any help from people who have experienced any of these symptoms before or knows why they are happening would be greatly appreciated.
      Thanks in advance

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      Tim Rolston

        Sorry Nick. we’ve been busy with family (that time of year).

        Anyway, Joanna also was unhappy with Windows 10 (for some of the same reasons).

        Rolling back from Windows 10 tends to screw up your profile. However, you can fix 95% of the issues by changing your account to a local account and back again..

        How To: Switch to a Local Account and Vice Versa

        Try that and see if it gets better.

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