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    Gerald Burns
    Gerald Burns

      I have a Surface 2 purchased earlier this year and am in the process of expanding its use. Based upon what I read in the user’s manual, I bought a Mini DisplayPort to HDMI cable. The purpose was to set up a slide show at a meeting last night. That was when I discovered that the Mini DisplayPort end of the cable was much larger than the port.

      Shortly before I found this site, I came across a reference to the video port on the Surface 2 described as a MicroHDMI connector.

      Is that correct? Does the cable have to be from Microsoft or
      can other cables be used?

      Thanks for your help.


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      Joanna Moderator
      Joanna Moderator

        Hi Gerald,
        That’s correct. Here is where you can see our comparison for the Surface 2 & 3, including the ports:

        New Surface 3 vs Surface 2 Comparison

        You can buy the cable from anywhere, this is the one I use:
        AmazonBasics microHDMI 2 Pack and it works well with my Surface 2. It comes with two cables, so I keep one in my bag and one at home but you can also get it in a single pack.

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        Shane Dowling
        Shane Dowling

          I’ve been having mini display port problems for a while. I have a MDP to HDMI lead but when I use it the external display either flashes or gives weird colors. This is what it looks like
          It does it on all screens tested although last week I was at a place where the TV actually had a lead hanging out of it but was an Apple (wash your mouth out now!) product with a little white box thing on it (quite possibly an adaptor on the end of a regular HDMI lead) and that did work perfectly. Wondering if it is a faulty lead I have or need one with some different specs?

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            Tim Rolston

              I’d guess it’s a faulty lead. I say that because I notice red “speckles” when the connection isn’t just right.

              Since your video out is mostly red, I’m thinking there’s a bat contact somewhere.

              If you have a Microsoft Store nearby, you can probably take it in there and get it tested out.

              Alternatively, Do you have a friend with a Macbook or Surface that can try it out for you to see if the problem follows the lead?

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