‘Monitor Stand’ for mounting Surface Book next to Monitor?

Home Surface Accessories ‘Monitor Stand’ for mounting Surface Book next to Monitor?

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    Brian Zwaagstra

      I have a 24 inch monitor. I’d like to mount by Surface Book next to the monitor (folded with the screen out) to get it up off my desk.

      Anyone know of a ‘monitor stand’ that will work for Service Book? I tried looking for VESA adapters but no luck. And I suspect most of the tablet stands are not substantial enough to hold the SB.

      Any one happen to have a solution?

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      Brian Gouge

        I’ve been using just a monitor stand, I leave my keyboard type cover on and just let it sit on top of the stand. Three I’ve used are:
        amazon.com/gp/product/B00X4SCCFG (no drawer, kind of rounded not straight sides)
        amazon.com/gp/product/B00S010HMC (drawer, not quite as sturdy but very adjustable, even stackable)
        amazon.com/Fellowes-Designer-Suites-Monitor-Riser/dp/B001C88M90 (drawer, sturdiest of them all, square sides, but not adjustable height and drawer is very small)

        So there are lots of choices if you search yourself, those are just ones I’ve happened to personally use myself. Search for Laptop Desk Stand and see some other styles that might work more like you are thinking.

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