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    Yinka Adebiyi
    Yinka Adebiyi

      Earlier in the year, I realized that the power button on my tablet wasn’t as outward as it should be, & it was going inside a bit more. This meant that whenever I had to turn it on, I had to press it really hard for my Tablet to come on. I tried looking for alternatives to turn it on but it seems that the power button is the only way.

      Fast forward to May, & its so hard to turn on my tablet now that I can go 3, 4, 5 days without using my tablet because of how hard it is to turn on. To turn it on I have to use the handle of a small kitchen knife to press the power button really really hard & it’s exhausting, & it seems like the power button is pressed onto the actual starter located below the button & that means I have to direct the pressure to where I think that starter is under the power button.

      I have a lot of stuff on my tablet & I refuse to believe there isn’t a way to repair this. I’ve searched the internet for solutions but it seems like no one else has had this problem.

      I’ve attached a picture to show you guys my problem. Please I need help with this.

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