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    Rachel G
    Rachel G

      Last few days when my surface goes to sleep, I go back on to find no internet connection. Says I have no WiFi, so I do the trouble shoot and it says I have no network adapter drive installed…after a few restarts it comes back and everything is fine. Today though I have spent 7 hours with no luck getting it to work. I am not sure whats going on.
      Unsure if this is needed information, but it came with windows 8, but when windows 10 trial came out I switched to that and have had it since.
      (PS I accidentally did this post under Surface 3 when I have the pro)

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      Tim Rolston

        OK, turn off connected standby… (About halfway down the page)

        Next, go into advanced power options for your power plan. From there, find the option for the wireless network adapter and set the power saving mode to “maximum performance” for both on battery and plugged in.

        This is a known issue and while this fix will shorten your battery life a little bit, it prevents it from “losing” the wireless card in most cases.

        Also, I deleted the other thread to make it easier to keep track of replies.

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        Jaro Janton
        Jaro Janton

          I think this workaround just resolved the disappearing WiFi adapter issues I was having.

          I spend a lot of time trying to solve this. One symptom I observed is that the system event log would show a message that the “Marvell AVASTAR Wireless-AC Network Controller” has shutdown the WiFi network adapter because is was not working properly. After that the WiFi would be gone for good, not even a restart would help.
          The wireless network adapter is called “Microsoft Wi-Fi Direct Virtual Adapter”. Once the AVASTAR Wirless-AC Network Controller shuts down (disables) the WiFi adapter, it become hidden in the “Device Manager”. To see it, one must use the option “View > Show hidden devices” in the “Device Manager”). This of course makes it harder to troubleshoot this issue.

          After applying this workaround, I restarting the device and found the network controller visible again and WiFi adapter back on line!

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