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      I have taken the leap into the world of laptop/tablets as I have never owned anything close to one, other than a cellphone. I’ve decided to get into photography, and decided it was time to add a Surface Pro 4 to my arsenal. I was looking at all of the options, and I went with the SP4, i7, 8 GB, 256, as I wanted something that is “future proofed” as much as possible without being too wasteful with my money.

      I have a desktop that is more than adequate to process full 4k video, and basically anything I need to process. Intel x99 platform, Intel Core i7-5820K Haswell-E processor, and 32 G of DDR4 memory with a bunch of SSD’s etc. I just needed something that was light enough to carry around in my backpack with all the rest of my photographic gear. The SP4 seemed to be the perfect “tool” for my (expensive) photographic hobby.

      I am so pleased so far with my purchase and am looking forward to using this machine to tether and process photographs and to do some Photoshop and Lightroom processing. The thing I like so far (other than it’s paid off) about it the most is looking at the desktop background picture I chose. The screen is stunning.

      I look forward to trying to learn as well as help out, if I can, the folks who have invested in the Surface Pro platform. I am truly happy with my purchase so far and would recommend this machine to anyone that needs a capable portable computer.

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