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    Philip Larson
    Philip Larson

      Does the NSA (National Security Agency in the USA) have a backdoor to snoop on my Surface? I have a Pro 3 with Windows 10 Pro. I’m using Bitlocker.

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      Tim Rolston

        No. they can’t see what’s on your Surface. Especially encrypted files. However, if you’re worried about it for some reason, they could probably get anything “in the cloud” with a subpena delivered to Google, Microsoft, apple, etc…

        That doesn’t have anything to do with your Surface per se, it’s more of a cost of living in our modern, computerized world where everything is digital and located on someone else’s computer (i.e. the cloud).

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        Jerry Yap
        Jerry Yap

          “You have no privacy on the Internet! Get over it!”

          Scott McNealy January 26, 1999, CEO Sun Microsystems

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