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    Jason Almeida
    Jason Almeida

      So I just picked up the base model but even before I got home I was having second thoughts. Not about the Surface Book itself, I’m sold on it, love the features. But about the specs.

      128gb HD sucks, cloud/external storage or not. I fill 500GB HDDs pretty quick with GoPro footage and photography projects, and only having 128 (less in terms of available, because of windows taking up a decent chunk of GB) makes me nervous. 256 at least gives me some breathing room.

      As far as the dGPU, I tried convincing myself I won’t need it because I don’t game (like, at ALL. I’ll play XBOX but I don’t PC game), and my photoshop work isn’t intensive, and my video editing is mainly GoPro footage of me and/or friends, nothing professional to need a powerhouse. However, ever since telling myself I don’t need it, my brain has been saying I should have went with it. If for nothing more than some added power should I need or want it sometime down the line.

      Same with the i7, tried to convince myself the i5 is fine, but now it’s nagging me cause I’m used to the “faster the processor, the better it is” train of thought. Just like the dGPU, I may not necessarily NEED it right now, but I also want this to be my laptop for years to come (these things aren’t cheap!!!) and so am thinking about going above what I need now to give me a little cushion down the line spec-wise. Instead of base model everything where in a year or so I may wish I had more room or power or speed.

      I’m actually OK with the 8GB RAM, I’m coming from 4GB on an almost 6yr old laptop, so doubling that works for me haha!

      So I’m wondering if the performance gains between dGPU and not, and i5/i7 upgrade, is worth the very large price difference. I paid just shy of $1,300 for this one at Best Buy because they were having a sale where it was $150 off, plus a free year of MS Office, and I have a college student coupon for $100 any Surface Pro/Book. So to return this one and upgrade I’m looking at a $600-700 price jump given the discounts I got.

      Originally I just wanted to hop up to the 256SDD with the dGPU, but then I’m thinking if I’m already going to jump $600, what’s another $200 to add the i7? But if there isn’t THAT much of a performance benefit, and it isn’t “future-proofing” me too much more than the current model I just bought, I don’t wanna spend all that extra money JUST to say I got a dGPU and i7. If they don’t make a notable difference, I might as well just keep this one and save $700+. If it IS a marked difference, and noticeable, then I am going to take the plunge and upgrade.

      Just lookin for honest opinions from other users, as in general forums it always devolves into a “Mac is better” debate (which to be honest I was looking at a 13″ Mac Book Pro before discovering the Surface Book in Best Buy and was hooked!), and the best buy associate just seemed like he was agreeing to whatever I was saying to sell me on the laptop, not what I needed to hear to actually answer my Qs.


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