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    Marina Saayman
    Marina Saayman

      Since Upgrading to windows 10 the Onenote desktop does not work as the default for taking notes when you use the pen to click a “new note”?

      The desktop has more features therefor this is not good for most people who prefer the desktop version.

      Does anyone have a solution?


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      Tim Rolston

        Let me get some background: When you opened the desktop version of OneNote it should have asked you if you wanted to make it default. Did it?

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        Dave Diehl
        Dave diehl

          I’m having the same problem.

          Marina and I used to clicking the “top button” (as the docs call it but what most people refer to as the eraser button) and getting a blank OneNote page so we can start taking notes.

          This was incredibly helpful as well as a great my-tablets-cooler-than-yours-watch-this moment.

          This functionality disappeared when we upgraded to Win10 because the app version of OneNote (which supported this) disappeared and was replaced by the desktop version (which was there all along but I didn’t use it because the app version was so much more surface-friendly).

          So, how can we restore this click-eraser-start-taking-notes piece of coolness???

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            Tim Rolston


              I have two ways to handle this….

              1) You can still download ad install the app version of OneNote from the Windows Store and it still supports the pen like it did in 8.1

              2) You could try the steps here:

              Be aware while the 2nd fix will let you map the button to anything you want, it won’t wake your Surface up like the 1st fix will.

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