Does opening your type cover wake your SP4?

Home Surface Pro 4 Does opening your type cover wake your SP4?

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      I think my SP4 has a wake-from-sleep issue. When I close my type cover it seems to go to sleep fine. When I open my type cover it does not automatically wake up, but if I press my power button (briefly) it wakes right up. I assumed this was normal for the surface, however I also have some backup software (MS home server) that is supposed to automatically wake the machine in the night to back it up, but it is never able to wake it either (the backup works flawlessly on all my other machines though). My SP4 is fully updated with the latest windows updates and firmware (everything that gets done automatically anyways)…does anyone have any ideas how I could troubleshoot this? Searching on the web I can only find people whose SP4s won’t wake up at all, rather than just not waking up automatically – it’s not a huge issue but it is kinda a daily annoyance that my backup never works.

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