Preventing Dead/Stuck Pixels on Surface Tablets

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    David Hutton
    David Hutton

      I just received my Surface 3 replacement. My last Surface was growing stuck pixels. Now I want to avoid getting stuck pixels on my new Surface and I was thinking of all the causes and I want other people’s perspective on this.

      I travel a lot and I’m worried the baggage x-ray scanners at the airport might cause this damage. I also noticed that my protective case has a magnet the width of the Surface screen inside to close the lid. I heard magnets can cause damage to the screens of many mobile devices.

      But what I noticed in my damaged Surface was that it got pretty hot at the back. However, this only happened when I used System Advanced Care program to enhance the performance. Enhancing the performance also brighten the screen than usual.

      Please tell me what you think and if there is any preventable measures to take to avoid dead or stuck pixels.

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      Aren Tarrow
      aren tarrow

        Tackling LCD “burn-ins”, and dead/stuck pixels
        One of the major problems with old CRT displays was burn-ins, where after a length of displaying the same image or pattern on the screen, a shadow of that image would persist even when the image had changed. With modern LCD displays, you might experien
        please check this link:

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