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    Alison Vancouver
    alison vancouver

      I’ve been having this issue ever since I installed Windows 10, where every time I disconnect the keyboard\cover from the PC, I cannot use the pen anymore. It works perfectly fine when the keyboard is connected (in all apps) but is somehow not registered by the computer when it is not. Has anyone else had this issue or have ideas on how to fix it? I have tried downloading different drivers to no effect. Just to clarify, this is the pen that came with the Pro 2.

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      Joanna Moderator
      Joanna Moderator

        Hmmm…that’s odd. Have you tried disconnecting the keyboard and the un-pairing and re-paring the pen?

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          Jesse Kent
          Jesse Kent

            I’ve been having a similar issue on windows 8.1. I got a refurbished surface pro 2 256gb recently to use as a drawing slate, and have only put a firewall and antivirus on it, upgraded windows to the latest, and installed the wacom drivers and the free krita art program.

            Pressure sensitivity with the pen works when the type cover is attached, but doesn’t work when it is detached. I’ve tried restarting and reinstalling the wacom feel drivers several times.

            I think the pressure sensitivity still works in fresh paint even with the type cover removed, at least, but iirc, that uses a different api for the pressure input.

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