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    Dan Goldman

      Hi guys,

      First time posting here. Take it easy on me, please.

      I have a Surface Pro 4 i5, 8GB RAM that I’ve had few problems with in 9 months, until about 6 weeks ago. This problem is intermittent but happens at least 3-4 times/day.

      I typically use Outlook, Word, Excel and Chrome together, and little else. The most common example of my problem is: I have these 4 all running and I’m looking at something in Chrome. I want to go back to the Word document, but when I click the icon in the taskbar, nothing happens, and I mean nothing – not even a visual indicator when I drift over the icon. The browser is usually still alive at this point, but I can’t click on anything else (desktop, other applications).

      If I don’t do anything, the system remains in this state indefinitely. There is one solution that works 100% of the time: Ctrl-Alt-Delete, then click twice on “Cancel.” The first time I click “Cancel,” it appears that nothing has happened, but when I click it the second time, it cancels, returning me to Win10, and all is now well.

      This appears to be the only way to resolve this. I have plenty of RAM (still have 2GB free when all these apps are loaded). I use Norton 360, and have scanned for malware with Malwarebytes, both to no avail.

      Thoughts? I use Chrome exclusively, but will be trying Firefox today to see if that resolves the problem.


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      Sean McMahuna
      Sean McMahuna

        Hi there, I encounter similar problems, altho’ not as frequently as you do.
        My specs are:
        Pro4 Intel code m3 win 10 build 1607. only 4GB RAM. I use Firefox, Office, usually have a torrent app working. It freezes very occasionally (couple of times a week) if I have opened multiple tabs (say 8+), which I do, lots of times.
        I installed a SD micro card 128GB, to store files temporarily.
        Someone has suggested that the SD card may be the problem (cannot remember the technical reasons why). so I formatted it and left it blank.
        to get to the point: the times when i get frozen, is when I have maybe 6-8 tabs open simultaneously. to eliminate a freeze; first I try control/alt/delete and check for what is stalling. Close it and resume. If that doesn’t work I hold the power button until it stops flashing the screen shot where it shows the logon box. Then I power it back up, log in and hit resume session at google/history/restore previous session. Cant say that is of much help. But I thought I’d share.

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