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      Hi! I have a brand new SP4 Core-m3; I’d love to keep it, but I’m having some touchscreen/screen related issues (may they all have the same origin behind the scenes?):

      • at least about once a day, the screen blanks to black for a moment, and then a window shows with information that “Display driver stopped responding and has recovered”; also, usually Firefox looks really weird later [some windows show as black];
      • about once in 2-3 days, the touchscreen suddenly becomes unresponsive. The Type Cover works OK after I attach it, also the “eraser button” on the pen works correctly (OneNote opens), but the pen and my finger don’t do anything; rebooting the Surface seems to help and “reset the doom counter”, but it’s *really* annoying (I’m normally using only pen&touch, and don’t carry the Cover with me around);
      • also, sometimes the touch input becomes “jumpy”: when scrolling with finger (and sometimes when writing), it behaves as if I blindingly-fast touched the screen at random other points of the screen. (Does this particular one maybe mean I should clean the screen better? I own the Surface very short and it doesn’t look dirty yet, although when looking at angle I can see some smudges.)

      Are similar symptoms “typical”, do most of you have them too? Or do they not happen normally? And do you think it would qualify for trying to get a replacement? (I’m not really sure if it’s possible at all in my country, but I would try if there’s any chance they might take it seriously.) I’ve used it for exactly a week now, every day; I’m using it nearly only with pen & touch, so the touchscreen issue is *very* annoying when it happens. Other than that, I’d love to keep my Surface – I find I like to use it quite much – but I’m now unfortunately forced to seriously consider I might have to return it for a refund (I can do that during the first month), taking the high price into account, and that I’m afraid that the issues may get only worse with time 🙁

      Also, the issues seemed to happen the same before the Big Windows Update and afterwards. Also, I tried to update the Intel graphics card (HD Graphics 515) drivers from Intel website, but a message shows that “they are not tested enough with this hardware” and refuses to continue [my current version shows as]. Should I try to force them by uninstalling the builtin ones (?) and then installing the 15.40… or something? Did anybody do this, did it work?

      I’d be very grateful for any help and responses, and info regarding if you ever had similar issues, or did you never encounter anything similar (and over how long?).


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      Tim Rolston

        Not typical.

        Hmm.. I think you were onto something with the beta drivers.

        Beta Intel Display Drivers for Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book

        It might help. If it doesn’t, you can probably make a case for a defective touchscreen and get a replacement.

        Be prepared to jump through some hoops if you’re dealing with MS over the phone, though.

        If you can, wait until your Surface is acting up then visit a MS store and show them. Let them know you’ve already tried a full reset (even if you haven’t) and they will usually just swap the device.

        If they give you a hard time, just return it then buy another one (also resets the 30 day clock). They won’t like it but, they can’t stop you.

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          Thanks for the reply.

          So, soon after writing the previous post, I found some mentions on the web of a “February update” (issued about a week earlier) containing newer Intel drivers. I then realized I do have some update pending, although not marked “ready” yet, and it didn’t really look significant to me on the list. Nonetheless, I went on and did a “download now”, then rebooted (twice or thrice, as it complained about a failure after the first time). Lo and behold, the Intel driver’s version now shows as a 20.something. Additionally, I turned off hardware acceleration in Firefox, as I’ve found some more posts of people complaining about similar problems, and some people suggested this might help.

          So, after 2 weeks now, I think I can pretty safely say it seems to have helped. I no longer seem to observe the issues I mentioned and that makes me very happy. Really hoping this will stay so. Firefox is slightly choppier this way (and to view youtube fullscreen I have to use Edge), but if I re-enable acceleration, black rectangles sometimes seem to show again (though maybe I’ll test this once more). Very rarely, the touch input does seem to freeze for a moment, but it’s back to working after about 2-5 sec., and I only observed it twice I think during the 2 weeks.

          Hope this helps someone. Or, actually, hope nobody really needs this help anymore!

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            Follow-up: surely, a few hours after I wrote the previous post, the whole screen suddenly became scrambled by weird squares of moving white patterns on blue background, then before I managed to start recording a video with my phone, the machine went on and rebooted itself. Go figure.

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            Brett SMITH
            Brett SMITH

              I had a problem with my touch screen not responding to things like tick boxes, using information from these forums I’ve disabled and enabled the HID Compliant Touch Screen drivers as suggested and viola! its all working again, thanks folks 🙂

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