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    Peter Bromley
    Peter Bromley

      So I have just replaced the screen (lcd+digitizer) on my Surface2 RT. All turns on and works fine with the touch cover.
      The Windows key on the LCD screen also works fine, however the actual screen itself does not respond to my finger or the stylus. All cables / ribbons are in correctly.

      Two screenshots:

      In the Device Manager, under Firmware both the ‘Touch Configuration Settings’ and the ‘Touch Firmware’ devices have error signs saying that a restart is required to complete install (and yes, I have restarted it multiple times). I have deleted the devices and reboot a few times and I have also done the full factory reset.

      When I look at the pen and stylus option in settings it tells me there are NO devices present, presumably because the firmware is having issues.
      I know the screen works as the windows key works and using the touch cover is perfect.

      Anyone ever seen this? I have included a couple of screenshots to show you what I see. In case the device manager is detecting the wrong item, what do you have under Firmware on the Surface 2 RT? Do you have the same as my screenshot?


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      Tim Rolston

        Occam’s Razor would indicate that there must be something wrong with the hardware if it’s installed correctly.

        That said, do you have anything labeled “HID-compliant Touch Screen” under the Human Interface Devices section? Just because the Surface sees the screen, it doesn’t mean it thinks it can work with it.

        I’d try a SFC check and, if it doesn’t work, I’d consider uninstalling the device from device manager then letting plug and play detect it again.

        If it won’t it would point at faulty hardware.

        I know it’s new but stranger things have happened.

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