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    David Burgess
    David Burgess

      I’ve read some good articles on backing up the Surface (in my case a Surface Pro 3) and then restoring to the same physical machine. What I haven’t seen is what do I do if my current surface get stolen, or smashed to bits.

      I’m a little paranoid at the moment because the wife and I have fallen so much in love with our Surfaces, we use them for absolutely everything. A lose would be catastrophic. We back up data files, and I’m going to do a backup of the restore. Right now I have 3 identical Surface Pro 3s. One for the wife’s work, one for me, and a third that will be wife’s personal, but at the moment is not being used.

      In my current nightmare scenario, the third could be the object of a restore if one of the other two get trashed. I’m just not clear on what the restore process would look like, or if one would even work with a different serial number and all that jazz.

      If anyone could shed some light I would appreciate it.

      Thanks in advance for any help!!


      (P.S. I could be over thinking things, maybe all it takes is a basic restore, but some how I imagine getting everything including the latest patches and drivers isn’t as easy as one might think.)

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      Tim Rolston

        We put together a guide on backups and recovery…

        Backup And Recovery Guide For Surface Users

        You could do a system image backup and restore it to another device.

        However, I would really recommend you keep as much of your data in OneDrive as possible. Yes, your apps and programs would need to be reinstalled on a new device BUT, your data will automatically transfer over when you log into the new device (even if the old one is destroyed as in your worst case scenario).

        The reason I recommend using OneDrive for this is because the system image is the “correct” answer but, in the past, I’ve had issues getting them to work 100% when restoring to different hardware.

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