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    Guy Beauvais
    Guy Beauvais

      Hello All, Happy New Year !!!
      I LOVE MY SURFACE (SP4/i7/16Gb/1Tb)
      I WANT to use it as my ONLY Computing Device!!!
      I NEED higher levels of Function …

      I NEED, among other things … a “Floating Numeric Keypad” for use when editing Excel Sheets in Tablet Mode.
      Existing/Standard Keyboards w/ Num Lock (etc) are cumbersome.
      Samsung Galaxy Tab S (my favourite tablet) has one “By Microsoft” … and although it is a full QWERTY key set … it stays on screen and makes Numeric Data Entry easier (but takes up WAY too much real estate). I would like to lose the QWERTY and have only Numeric and Navigational keys, “scalable & floating” on screen and moveable or “Snapable into Corners” … has anyone seen one for Windows 10 ??? … seems like it would be worth $0.99 to millions of Road Warriors who require FUNCTION !!!

      AND, since you’ve read this far … WE ALL NEED MSFT to fix the “Personalise Handwriting Recognition” system on Win10 AU and later … How they managed to “Break” this and then leave it this long without resolution confounds me … what do they think the stylus is for ???

      NOW … Imagine if we could enter numeric data into Excel in Tablet Mode using the Stylus (and get accurate results) …now that would be a FUNCTIONAL SYSTEM !!!

      Please direct me to whatever you know/find which sounds even close to solutions for these issues, and I’ll report my findings … THANK YOU !!!


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