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    Benjamin Lowe

      So I got a Windows 10 64bit Surface 3 second-hand for which I cannot obtain Microsoft support for this issue. The touchscreen and pen works, and under PC info it says “Pen and Touch: Pen and full windows touch support with 10 touch points”. The touch screen and pen are also listed under Human Interface Devices of the device manager. But when I insert a brand new Surface 3 Type Cover (keyboard) the touch and pen functionality are removed! This is sometimes accompanied by a brief screen turn off and on as the device puts me back to the metro-login screen (maybe a bit like its being put into a docking station or somesuch).

      The devices for touchscreen and pen disappear from devivce manager when the keyboard is inserted. The keyboard and the touchpad on the keyboard do not work either. Then PC info reads ‘Pen and touch: No pen or touch input is available for this display”. To regain touch screen usage and pen usage I need to restart the entire device (which means a hard reset or plugging in a mouse to do this).

      To resolve this I’ve tried a clean re-install of windows (actually now on Windows 8 64 bit, with same problem). Fully updating windows. Installing the Surface 3 Wifi Drivers from the Microsoft website. Cleaning the keyboard contacts. Long power press + volume up resetting the device.

      The issue is not the keyboard as the issue persists with another keyboard I borrowed that is definitely working.

      Interestingly the issue seems to be present even in the UEFI (“bios”-thingy) when you hard reset the surface; as with no keyboard I can use the touch controls to click on the options on the menu, with the keyboard inserted I can no longer gain any touch-response.

      I’m out of ideas, does anyone have any suggestions? My best guess is the UEFI is corrupted – is there anyway of fixing that without microsoft support?

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