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      After having a first generation Pro (plus a slightly newer 15.6 Acer) I finally decided to bight the bullet and buy a newer computer. When the first Surface was released I was immediately struck by the tool and couldn’t help but buy one. I really liked the SB w/ PB but at the store I really fell for the Studio especially its screen. Well I was pretty convinced that I want to stay with the 16/512 Book with PB but the Studio keeps calling me. To make things worse, I recently got an old copy of Photoshop CS6 and on the small screen the icons are so small a standard resolution setting they are unusable. I guess the Photoshop shown on the Book’s eyewash must the CC version.

      I was seriously considering whether or not I should return the unit for the Studio or hold on and try it with a 27 inch monitor. I’ve got 25 days less about a week to make a decision. For some reason the Studio strikes me as potentially having birthing pains and perhaps the Book with PB is a better bet until the Studio goes to a new processor and is in at least it’s second iteration.

      Anyone else dealing with the same conundrum? I’d love to hear what others have decided.

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