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    Tammy Canaan
    tammy canaan

      i was using my surface about two weeks ago. it was working good than i put it down and a few hours later it would not come on. I thought it was the charger so i got i new one. (its the official plug). I plug it in the light on the charger comes on for 5 minutes then shutoff. I unplug it and then plug it back on. The light comes back one.
      This is what I tried
      1. I hold the power down for 30 seconds and nothing.
      2. I hold the power for 30 sec. release and then vol. up and power for 15 sec. still nothing but when I do this when I hold the vol. up and power down the light on charger turns off then back on. Still wont work.
      Plug in power when I do these.

      any help please

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      I had exactly the same experience as you described and took it into a Microsoft Shop. The technician explained that it was likely the battery was going to stop working and I should prepare for an outright failure. But first, he got it back on ( as far as I could see by pressing the power button as usual – don’t ask me why that worked for him and not me), checked the Event Viewer and repeated his advice because it apparently showed multiple failures to start up. Then he went online and updated the battery drivers: Control Panel > Device Manager > Batteries then select each driver and uninstall then Update Driver Software then Restart Computer. That worked. I could Sleep, Hibernate and start up as normal but only for one day. The Surface has not come on till date and I plan to go back to Microsoft Store again. Just maybe…
      I had my files backed up as advised so now I have a different problem. I had an unused Surface Pro 2 (yes, I like the device and form factor that much) which I pulled out of its brand new box and tried to use but it would only work when plugged in even after 48 hours of charging. So back to the MS Store where the technician told me that the red dot beside the Battery icon on the taskbar meant the battery could not be recognised by the system (its been 4yrs unused and the battery would have drained to zero) and I would basically have to use it as a desktop. Crushed and resigned to having to buy a Surface Pro 4 at some distant date in the future, I had no choice but to setup my Surface Pro 2 as a desktop… Surprise! After doing all the updates, the battery kicked in and has started working well! So I have a new Pro 2 :-). Now, the final problem – how do I transfer my Office licences to the new machine when I can’t remember where the hell I kept the licence keys??? Help!

      Lesson: try everything before you give up and never let your Surface Pro battery drain to below 3% – it may never come on again. And always back up your licence keys somewhere other than on your Surface Pro.

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