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    Mehdi Seyedain
    Mehdi Seyedain

      Hi everybody!

      I have a Surface Pro 3 with Simplo battery. For a year my battery is stuck at 0% and I can’t use it without the power cord.
      As you know these devices had battery issue. Finally on October after a year of complaints, Microsoft released a firmware update to fix this issue.
      The problem is that your device should have at least 40% battery for the firmware to be installed.
      I have tried everything and nothing seems to work! It’s really frustrating 🙁
      Imposing a battery level barrier for the firmware fixing the same faulty battery is absurd.
      Isn’t there anybody who has the same problem as me?

      I first updated my firmware using Windows Update and followed up the two restart instruction but it didn’t work.
      Then I downloaded the firmware manually and installed it but it didn’t work either.
      While booting, firmware update progress bar goes near 100% and then device restarts and when I log on I see that the firmware isn’t installed.
      Now my battery status icon in task bar shows “No battery detected” but when I click on it shows my battery is fully charged.Surface Pro 3 Battery Issue

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