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    Jeandre De Beer
    Jeandre de Beer

      Hi All

      I just purchased a Surface Pro 3 for $450 brand new – but I immediately noticed that the screen has got a yellow tint to it. I then struggled for a long time to get the intel manager installed and I have calibrated the screen and it looks much better.

      The yellow tint is almost gone – except for almost complete white screens. Does any one have a profile setting they can share that will make the white background look bright white?

      Mine still looks a bit off white – cream color and it is really bugging me. I have sold my iPad air and I can see a huge difference in color between these two units – but on the reviews it says that the SP3 has one of the best screens available.

      Thanks for your assistance.

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      Gradget Chick
      Gradget Chick

        If you got a SP3 now, I doubt very much it is a brand new unit, since they stopped making them quite a while ago.
        Anyway, the yellow tint is a manufacturing defect. So, you will need to get an exchange (if your unit is still under warranty). There have been lots of reports of this problem.

        Gadget Chick

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