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      my Surface woundnt turn on. I used it in the morning and put it to sleep. Battery was fully chrged. I tried to turn it on an hour later, but it woulndt turn on.
      Charger seems to be working fine. it’s been 2 days since my SUrface stopped turning on.
      I tried to start it by pressing the power btn+volumeUp btn for 15 sec and by holding the power btn for 30 sec(with/without power cable; with/without the keyboard).
      The screen doesnt light up at all, but I noticed that the Caps Lock key light flickes once every 10 sec when I am holding the restart buttons. Help!

      SImilar situation happened before, about 8 month ago when I was in Europe (220V), my Surface wouldnt turn on; I left it alone for 24 hours and it started working by pressing Power Btn + Volume Up.

      Never happened when I was in North America.

      This time, I am also trveling in Europe and also charging on 220V. I am not sure if that is related. Coincidence?

      Any thoughts guys?

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