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    Gail Brown
    Gail Brown

      My RT Surface 2 had a message that it encountered problems when I turned it on this morning. It rebooted itself and when the Surface logo comes up it says “repairing” but after a minute or so the little circle stops and nothing else happens. I have to manually turn it off and the whole episode repeats. HELP please…any suggestions. I am using my work IPad to send this SOS. THANKS

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      Tim Rolston

        It sounds like it’s trying to do a chkdsk. it can look like nothing is happening for a long time.

        Plug it into power and let it run. If it doesn’t finish up in 4+ hours, then you might want to try a 2-button restart.

        It’s not really recommended by Microsoft but, if it’s not working anyway, why not?

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          Gail Brown
          Gail Brown

            Thank you so much….may be time for a new Surface 3 or 4. Love ya’lls blog

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              I have the exact same problem with my surface rt 2. Did you fix it through recovery disk or bootable usb? I googled it a lot and these approaches seemed highly recommended but I am not a technical person so it overwhelmed me. I went to Microsoft store but they couldn’t fix it and recommended me to buy a new one

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