Surface won’t turn on, Windows won’t start, or the battery won’t charge

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    Joanna Moderator
    Joanna Moderator

      If you’re having any of those problems, here is a nice writeup from Microsoft on how to troubleshoot:

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      Jim Yaccino
      Jim Yaccino

        A good solution to try is the “Two-Button Shutdown”. Recently my docking station Mini-Display port stopped working but the SP3 one did work, and my keyboard-cover stopped lighting up and working. Very frustrating as you can imagine.

        Before resetting my computer (a major headache to get everything back as we all know) I found a Microsoft article discussing this method, only usable on Surface Pro machines and not the older or non-pro ones. You hold down the Up Volume and the Start controls on the SP3 until the screen goes black and is totally shut down….about 30 seconds. Then restart as normal. This is a true shutdown that clears out registers and other bits (much like the warm boot used on my iPhone). It worked…the mini-port on the docking station and the keyboard all worked again and fortunately did NOT have to reset my computer. Unfortunately the Microsoft Store had already traded out my SP3 Docking Station for the new Dock unit without suggesting this fix. Not sure yet if I like the new Dock.

        P.S. I wanted to comment on one of your older articles but could find no way to do that. If there is a way, please let me know.

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          Tim Rolston

            It’s surprising how often a 2-buton shutdown does the trick. I figure it’s because a large majority of the devices in a Surface are virtual or abstracted by a virtualization layer.

            As far as the comments on the older posts, That’s intentional. comments expire after 30 days and we encourage folks to use the forum after that.

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