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    Katie Cassidy
    Katie Cassidy

      I’m a math teacher who just got a grant for a surface pro. I have about $1000 to spend; was going to get the surface pro 4 128gb i5 when it was on sale last week for 899 (and a student/teacher version of Office) but was unable to due to circumstances beyond my control (bureaucracy). Now the i5 is back up to 999 BUT the m3 is down to 699 (which means i can buy a keyboard). Plan to use this for teaching only – writing on powerpoints, running some graphing software (geogebra is my go-to) and may try my hand at audio recording lessons to save for absent students (ala khan academy). I have a regular laptop (school issued) that i use for everything else. Am sharing this with another teacher and we are trying to figure out which one to get. Is the tradeoff of i5 vs m3 going to be something i’m even going to notice? advice from those smarter than me is welcome 🙂

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      Bill Hazlett
      Bill Hazlett


        Tough question! I am also a math teacher who bought my own Surface Pro 3 i5 with 8 meg of memory and the 128 gb hard drive. I use it mainly for lectures via Word and a projector, word processing and spreadsheet use with Office 365.
        The rule of thumb I usually go by is to buy the best you can within your budget. I decided to go a bit above mine, but I haven’t been disappointed.
        I am guessing that, for what you want to use the Surface for, that the m3 will probably be OK. I don’t know what memory comes with that, but I wouldn’t go less than 4 megs. Unless you are doing a lot of graphic intensive work (and I don’t think GeoGebra is) the m3 should work.
        You might want to do a Google search for some Surface 4 reviews and see what some of the “experts” have to say, as well.
        You definitely need to purchase a keyboard, but to save money, you might want to look into a USB or Bluetooth wireless keyboard/mouse combination. You can get a keyboard with numeric keypad and a mouse combo for < $50 if you search around for a good deal. (I have two different Logitech models that work well.)
        Good luck!


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