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    Why does my Surface RT keep reverting back to UK keyboard? I’m sick of having to keep manually selecting US keyboard sometimes several times a day. Why doesn’t it stay on the option I select?

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    Tim Rolston


      I’m assuming you already checked your region and timezone settings. If not, check those first as Windows may be trying to be “helpful” by setting it to UK layout because it thinks you’re in the UK.

      Assuming you already tried that. Let’s start by addressing any corruption that might be present. Try a chkdsk and SFC to see if it addresses the problem:

      Weird Issues with Surface? Try these fixes…

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        Thanks for the help.
        Yes I’m set to the correct region/timezone and I have completed the disk check and scan – it didn’t fix or turn up anything wrong.

        Unfortunately the problems persist – including a really odd random thing whereby when commenting (not thread posting, only commenting) on Facebook, sometimes when I press Enter instead of posting the comment it simply drops down to the next line as it would when typing in Word etc-as there is no ‘post’ tab and the only way you can post a comment is by pressing Enter it renders the comment I’d just typed unpostable!

        Weird little glitches…I wonder if I need to reinstall the OS and start again?

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      Tim Rolston

        You could rebuild it and it might help if you’re willing to try. It might actually be easier than to keep trying different things in an effort to stumble upon the solution.

        Just make sure you backup your data, though.

        The Facebook thing you’re describing actually happens with touch devices on Facebook (We’ve seen it with multiple devices) so, I don’t know if I’d chalk it up to your Surface as we think it’s a Facebook bug.

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