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    Debbie Dunne
    Debbie Dunne

      Since being in communication with you on another subject I am experiencing multiple copies of a saved website in my favourites. To explain a bit better, in the past I have run the normal updates that occur when you shutdown the surface and afterwards I have lost all of my saved websites in all of the folders, really disheartening as I do a lot of research. I am now resigned to this happening. But this past week it happened again. I have also since saved your website as a favourite, the only trouble is I now have x335 copies of it and its growing. I have tried to delete them when I swipe up to view them but can only delete one at a time, the same when I open in desktop to try and erase. Finally I opened ‘Users’ then ‘favourites’ and erased them this way in one go, but this only lasts for about 5 minutes before it seems to refresh and they all bounce back in again and seem to multiply. I do like your website but one copy is enough! Whilst I don’t think it is your website in particular I have a feeling it would happen with any website I had saved. I have also run Kapersky full scan and there is no threat. I am using internet explorer. Have you got any idea how I can permanently delete all these copies of the same website in favourites?

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      Joanna Moderator
      Joanna Moderator

        Hi Debbie,
        It sounds like you have an IE add-on that has gone crazy and is causing havoc on your favorites. You can look and remove add-ons, under settings in “Manage add-ons”. You can do one at a time, or you can reset your IE to default settings and that will remove all add-ons. Here is how:
        To reset Internet Explorer settings:
        1.Close all Internet Explorer and Windows Explorer windows (in Metro and in Desktop) that are currently open.
        2.Reopen Internet Explorer in Desktop.
        3.Click the Tools button, and then click Internet options.
        4.Click the Advanced tab, and then click Reset. …
        5.In the Reset Internet Explorer Settings dialog box, click Reset.

        If this fixes the favorites duplication and disappearances, then you can put one add-on in at a time (if you need them) and see which one was causing the problem. Good luck. Also, to remove all extra sites, do the following:

        1. Click the “Favorites” (star icon) link on the Internet Explorer toolbar
        2. Click the arrow next to the “Add to Favorites” button and then select “Organize Favorites” to launch the Favorites Center.
        3. Here you can choose multiple ones to delete.

        Keep in mind that if you use more than one computer, your profile is being saved in the cloud. And if you don’t shut all your logins off everywhere, your favorites are just going to reappear from the other devices.

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        Debbie Dunne
        Debbie Dunne

          Thank you Joanna, it worked, very grateful to you for your help on this one.

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