USB Port Suddenly stopped recognizing anything

Home Surface Pro 3 USB Port Suddenly stopped recognizing anything

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    J Chan

      Hi All

      Just encountered an issue where my USB port isn’t recognizing any USBs or my phone. Nothing pops up or shows that it a USB is connected. The USB port however still provides power as if i plug in my phone it will charge. Have updated usb drivers, uninstalled usb drivers, reinstalled usb drivers and nothing has worked. Any help would be appreciated.


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      Brian Gouge

        I had to do something like this once on my desktop computer a few months ago, it’s worth a shot at least.

        1 – Go to your C:\Windows\inf folder

        2 – Make sure these files (at a minimum, there might be others) are listed in that folder:

        – usb.inf
        – usb2.inf
        – usbport.inf
        – usbprint.inf
        – usbstor.inf
        – usbvideo.inf

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