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    Jean-René Bergé
    Jean-René Bergé


      Following some erroneous manipulations, I end up having 4 user folders in C:\Windows\users in addition to the standard ones (Administrator, Default, Public and Guest). I am using only one account and only one login mail address.
      How can I tell which is the valid user folder and can I delete the other ones?

      br. Jean-René Bergé

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      Tim Rolston

        What are they named? They might be duplicates or they could be migration artifacts.

        Also, do you happen to know if your Surface is in a Domain (is it a work computer)?

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          Jean-René Bergé
          Jean-René Bergé

            The folders are:
            berge_000 size: 20 KB Created 29.09.2015
            berge_000.SURFACE2 size: 17.2 GB Created 26.09.2015
            berge_001 size: 37.3 GB Created 23.04.2014
            bergejr size: 9.6 GB Created 15.05.2014

            The bergejr and berge_001 seem to be the originals created when I got the Surface. The 2 other ones from last month seem to be the result of my messing around.

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          Joanna Moderator
          Joanna Moderator

            That is weird. I’m assuming you are using Win 8.1?
            To figure out which one of the profiles you’re using, right-click on your documents folder (when you’re logged in) and look at the location – make sure you are looking at the local folder, not OneDrive.
            I couldn’t tell you what the others are from, perhaps you tried to set up other accounts? Or maybe, your username changed? or you have some profile corruption where the Surface couldn’t login using one profile, so it auto-created another. It’s hard to say.
            Does it allow you to look inside of each one of these folders to see what in them?

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