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    Jo Rand
    Jo Rand

      Ok, getting desperate. Hoping someone on here might be able to help. I’ve got a Pro2. Having problems connecting to wifi for about a week. I’ve had conversations with the MS support people. Current situation is that when wifi not connecting, I uninstall the driver, restart the surface, reconnect to wifi, and it will work.. for about 10 mins. Then it fails and I have to uninstall and restart again. I’ve deleted the driver completely and reinstalled from the link the MS tech support provided, but hasn’t changed anything. They said next step is to refresh. Did a refresh about 2 weeks ago to try to address slow running. Don’t really want to mess everything up again – there was more than I realised to reinstall afterwards. Also, having done one so recently, I’m not convinced it will solve the problems. Any better ideas? Please??

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      Aren Tarrow
      aren tarrow

        If you have a Surface Pro 2, Surface 3, Surface Pro 4, or Surface Book, I recommend that you download and install the appropriate .msi file for your Surface from the Microsoft Download Center. The .msi files contain all updates, including the wireless drivers.

        You can download the .msi file directly to your Surface, or you can download it to another PC and use a USB drive to transfer it to your Surface. Which method you’ll use will depend on whether you can access the Internet on your Surface.

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