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    Gavin Hutchinson

      Hi everyone.

      I have the surface 3, and have been dealing with the “plugged in , not charging” issue for some time. Often the uninstalling battery corrects it for a while, so it’s at least workable.

      Now however, it often will not even recognize being plugged in, despite the adapter led being lit.

      It was doing it’s usual “plugged in not charging” so I made sure it was plugged in, uninstalled the battery, and while updating, it powered off.

      Now all I see is the word surface flashes for a brief second, then a white circle with a battery inside, followed by a power off. I left it plugged in overnight, but it is still doing the same thing.

      Any help would be appreciated.

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      Robert McLaughlin
      Robert McLaughlin


        I have crossed the bridge a number of times. You’re having trouble with your USB charger. If you get the message “Not charging”, it’s NOT CHARGING. Once the battery hits zero, you’re out of luck unless you have an effective charger. You might try buying a new one from Microsoft, any USB charger won’t do. I’ve had luck with the Anker batteries with quick charge, they can charge your Surface 3 and double your battery life on the road.

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        Sydney Fontaine
        Sydney Fontaine


          I have been with this problem before. You may like Robert M. said, get a new charger. But my friend told me to buy some rubbing alcohol and dip a Q-tip in the rubbing alcohol and put it in the slot where the charger goes, as well as the part that goes in the charger.

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